Tax consultants + lawyers + notaries

  • Short communication channels and a quick coordination of our consulting services.
  • A bundling of our expertise in the areas of tax & law
  • 10 professionals
    Tax consultants, lawyers, 2 notaries
  • over 30 employees
    Assistance + administration

Tax consultants

Tax consultants mbB, certified business economists

  • Christian Bengfort
    Tax consultant + certified business economist
  • Herbert Lammers
    Tax consultant + certified business economist
    Agricultural accountancy office
  • Christoph Brandsmöller
    Tax consultant
    Specialist consultant for international tax law

Lawyers + notaries

Lawyers mbB, notaries

  • Ralf Abbing
    Lawyer + notary
  • Alfred Mertens
    Lawyer + notary
  • Christian Röring
    Lawyer (appointed)
    Specialist lawyer for labour law

Our tax accountancy, law and notary’s office - tax + law partnership

We advise our clients at the highest

professional level in all tax, legal and business matters with a view to representing their business or private interests in the best possible way, and promoting and ensuring their sustained economic success.

The focus of our services is on advancing our clients' interests conscientiously and with utmost dedication. As tax consultants, lawyers and notaries, we are well versed in all aspects of our profession. We believe in team work, both with clients and among the various professionals.

The trust of our clients is held in high esteem. We endeavour to win our clients' trust and build a genuine relationship with our clients. Building on this trust, our actions are guided by finding new, innovative solutions in cooperation with our clients.

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